Golden Retriever Price In India (2021): How Much Would It Cost?

Wanna know what is the golden retriever price in India and if you should buy one then you’re in the perfect place.

If you have seen the pedigree ad on TV or the internet at any point in your life you must have come across this breed for sure.

Golden Retriever is a dog breed originated from (Scotland UK) which was basically bred to retrieve small birds and animals during hunting.

These dogs have the ability to retrieve shot game without damaging them because of their soft mouth.

If you are planning to buy this dog then you need to read this article so that you can make a proper decision.

Golden Retriever Price In India (2021)

The price of a dog in India may vary depending on the quality of the breed and the place/shop/breeder you are buying from.

For instance, a golden retriever price in Delhi might be different than the price of a golden retriever in Mumbai

But on an average a golden retriever price in India is somewhere between ₹15,000-₹25,000

We would suggest you to do a proper research regarding the price and the pet shop before you buy a Golden Retriever for yourself.

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Factors that effect the Golden Retriever Price In India

Followings all the factors that effect the price of a golden retriever in India:

1. Place

As mentioned above, the place you are buying a puppy from has a influence on the price of a golden retriever.

If you are buying a puppy from metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai the price would comparatively higher than non metro cities.

2. Quality of the Breed

The quality of the breed has a huge effect on the price of a puppy. If the puppy is healthy, active, free from diseases it is gonna cost you more.

3. Breeders

Breeders are another factor which could influence the price of a golden retriever puppy.

A reputable breeder may charge higher for a puppy than a regular breeder.

4. The Breed of the Puppy/Dog.

Whether a puppy is a pure breed or a mix also determine the price of a puppy.

For example, a pure breed golden retriever puppy may have different price than of a puppy which is mixed with another breed.

Golden Retriever Price In Different Places In India


Golden Retriever Dog Features

Height56 cm-61 cm (Male), 51 cm – 56 cm (Female)
Weight29 kg – 34 kg (Male), 27 kg – 32 kg (Female)
Lifespan12 Years
TemperamentFriendly, Confident, Kind & Trustworthy
Puupy Price₹15,000-₹25,000
PopularityVery High
GroomingFrequently Required
Common Health IssuesHip Dysplasia, Skin Allergy, Separation Anxiety

Physical Features Of Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Price In India

Golden Retriever is a medium sized breed dog which was bred to retrieve small animals for hunters.

There are 3 types of golden retrievers : Canadian, British and American

Although they may look quite similar there are some features that differentiate them from each other.

Canadian Retriever is the tallest one and has shorter hair compared to the other two.

British one is the real deal, it is calm and more friendlier.

American golden retriever is long and tall and has a high hunting drive and are less quiet compared to the other two ones.

Another physical feature differences between the American and British Golden Retrievers are that the American ones have fox like head whereas the British ones have box like one.

American Golden retrievers are more brown and compared to that British Golden Retrievers which come in White.

How To Care of a Golden Retriever in India

Taking care of your dog properly is one of your responsibilities as a pet owner. Every dog is different and has different temperament and coping abilities to an environment.

The followings are the ways in which you can take care of a golden retriever.

1. Providing a safe space for the puppy: Before you bring your puppy home, first thing that you need to make sure is that you’re providing a safe space for the puppy where it can play, eat, sleep and have fun around. The puppy may take some time to be familiar with the new environment and your people so be patient with them.

This is how you can provide a safe and fun space for you golden retriever puppy:

  • Giving a cozy place for the puppy to sleep: Sleep is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. You can provide a sleeping bed for pup where it can have a sound and cozy sleep.

Sleeping Bed for Golden Retriever

  • Giving them toys to play with: Golden Retriever puppies are very active, they like to play with their owners and fetch things. So a toy would be a good choice for them to play with.

2. Giving quality dog food: The puppy needs proper nutrition for its healthy growth. You can’t just give any food to your puppy. There should be proper research beforehand. If you want to know more regarding this, you can check out an article written about the best dog food in India on this website

These are the list of best dog food in india in terms of quality and nutrition

3. Do regular brushing and grooming of your golden retriever puppy: Golden Retrievers have long fur and they shed a lot so grooming and brushing once in a week are necessary.

3. Clean your dog’s teeth and breath: It’s obvious that animals can’t brush own teeth like us humans which leads them to have a very dirty mouth with unpleasant breath which becomes really unbearable for the people around the dog over time.

Furthermore, having a dirty mouth can increase the chances of mouth disease in dogs.

So to minimise this you can use a toothbrush that specially designed for dogs.

4. Bathe your dog every once in a week: It’s necessary that you bathe your regularly once every week.

Don’t do the mistake of bathing them every day because it could damage their coat.

Their skin secretes natural oil which is necessary for healthy and skin coat of the dog.

And by bathing them everyday you will interrupt the secretion.

FAQ’s About Golden Retrievers In India

Followings are the questions which are frequently asked about golden retrievers

1. Can golden retriever survive in India ?

Although golden retriever is a foreign breed it can very much survive in India with proper care.

2. Can golden retriever be a guard dog ?

Golden retrievers are very kind and trusting with both family and strangers which make them a poor guard dog.

3. How much golden retriever shed ?

Golden retrievers shed a lot and they mostly shed during spring and fall.

If you are planning to get a retriever puppy then you will have to get used to dog hair in your house.

4. Is regular grooming and brushing required for this dog ?

Yes, absolutely Golden retrievers need regular grooming. Daily brushing will get some of the lose hair out of the coat.

5. Where are golden retrievers from ?

Golden retrievers are originally from Scotland.

6. Can Golden retrievers live in Mumbai ?

Yes Golden retrievers can live in Mumbai.

7. Do they eat fish ?

Yes, they can eat fish like salmon etc but make sure to remove bones before you give it to them.

8. Can you shave a Golden retriever ?

No, you should never shave them, by doing so you will be removing their protective coat that protects them from sunlight.


As mentioned earlier the golden retriever price in India differs from place to place and the quality of the breed.

And if you have read the whole article we pretty much cleared everything.

So the only question that is left now is if this dog is perfect for you ?

As mentioned earlier, golden retriever is not native to India but they do well in Indian households.

And as per the cost is concerned you regularly need to spend some of your time and money on grooming because they shed a lot.

So if you have the budget and the tolerance of having your dog’s hair everywhere in your house you can go for it.

They are very friendly and do really well with kids which makes them an ideal family dog.

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And if you have any questions regarding this breeds you can write your questions down in the comment section.

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