8 Cheapest Dog Breeds In India (2022) [With Price]

cheapest dog in india

Let’s be honest, dogs are quite expensive to get and take care of, and unless you have a stable income, it is difficult to manage the expenses. According to reports of Investopedia, the annual expense of owning a dog is $1381 dollars which roughly converts in Indian rupees as ₹70,000 -₹80,000 (excluding the cost of … Read more

Indian Spitz Price In India (2022): How Much The Puppy Costs ?

indian spitz price in india

Indian Spitz is one of those Indian breeds which is actually popular among Indian pet lovers. Mainly because of its resemblance to Pomeranian and Samoyed  In fact people mistake this breed as Pomeranians. But did you know Indian Spitzs are not exactly native to India and they were actually mixed with foreign Spitz type dogs … Read more

Can Golden Retrievers Survive In India ?

Can Golden Retrievers Survive In India

You are planning to get a golden retriever and now you are wondering Can Golden Retrievers Survive In India ? Golden Retrievers can survive in India if you make sure that they are not under constant heat. They are double coated which makes them intolerant to the extreme heat and they may need constant Air … Read more

Teacup Dog Price In India (2022): Truth You Need To Know

teacup dog price in india

Teacup dogs have gained a significant amount of popularity in recent times since most people seem to like dogs more when they are puppies. They may look really adorable and easy to carry around but they come with a lot of health and psychological issues. These types of dogs are genetically modified through cross breeding … Read more

Rottweiler Price In India (2022): Affordable Or Not ?

rottweiler price in india

Rottweilers are known as one of the best guard dogs just like German Shepherd. In this article, we will look into how much the Rottweiler’s Price In India is and other expenses that you need to bear which will help you make the right choice. Rottweiler Price In India (2022) A KCI Registered Rottweiler’s price … Read more